NOHRD Bike Performance Monitoring

To maintain a minimal aesthetic and ensure all performance monitoring upgrades are future proof, as standard the NOHRD Bike does not have an inbuilt performance monitor. Instead, Bluetooth sensors on the bike transmit workout data to the specially designed NOHRD Bike App (available on iOS and Android), enabling users to precisely track and analyse performance.

Handheld devices are held securely in the place by the retractable holder during workouts.

Integrated Screen

For users that prefer built in performance monitoring hardware, the NOHRD Bike Pro is made to order and come with a fully integrated 17.3” touch screen upon which the NOHRD Bike app runs.

NOHRD Bike App

Features on the NOHRD Bike app include:

Free Ride– Monitor your performance data in detail. Performance metrics measure include Watts, Calories, Distance, Resistance, RPM and Heart Rate.*

Scenery Rides – Virtually ride through some of the worlds most scenic location including Sydney Harbour and the Italian Dolomites.

Cyber Cycling – Take part in pre-recorded instructor-led cycling workouts. Available in English and German language.

No monthly subscription required. Unlike many other premium indoor cycling apps, the NOHRD Bike app is free to use.

*with compatible Bluetooth heart rate belt